Verve Creative Events Virtual Tip #3

by | 21 Sep 2020

Short Segments Are the Way to Go

The second element that keeps an online event engaging is flow . Keep segments very short.

Try to access a roster of diverse speakers with a lot of important topics to discuss. However, it is very easy to reach saturation quickly while listening to virtual speakers and, as a result, disconnect from the event. This is especially true for younger audiences with short attention spans.

The event becomes successful when you can follow it as if you are watching a movie, a TV show, or a news program.

This is an indication for planners about not translating what happens offline, online. At live events, you’ll see people around you, you’re interacting with them. There are lights, noise, an experience around you.

While physical distancing at home, we’re in a sensory deprived environment. We need to be engaged, and we cannot afford sessions that are 30 to 45 minutes, or even one hour. It’s asking a lot of the audience.

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