The Age of the Event Manager is over…

by | 20 Dec 2018

The business events industry has changed forever. An event manager needs to be far more than a good organizer with a little black book full of contacts.

In fact, I believe the title ‘event manager’ is no longer an adequate description of what we do.
Sure, we may have to book venues, negotiate on behalf of our clients, know about the latest entertainment options and prepare a comprehensive run schedule. But that’s a ‘ticket to entry’ to the business. And, increasingly, clients are taking these functions in house.

So where does that leave us? How do we use our skills and expertise to help our clients’ businesses grow in the face of this changing market?

Our job is to work with our clients to create event campaign strategies. After all, as part of a business strategy, the most important aspect of an event is the outcome: How has the audience changed as a result of their experience? What will they do differently when they get back to the office? And, importantly, how will they feel about the business?

In order to deliver outcomes from events, we need to understand the answer to this fundamental question:

“What do you want the audience to know, feel and do in the days, weeks and months after the event?”

That process starts way before the event and is certainly not over once the audience/delegates/guests have left the venue – in fact, in many respects, that’s only the beginning. As event campaign strategists, we offer our clients the benefits of our skills as communicators at both an emotional and an intellectual level. We have the potential to have a huge impact on our clients’ businesses.

So those in our industry who recognize that events are more than logistics and entertainment and have the appropriate skills to work with clients at this strategic level, are the ones who can truly help our clients’ businesses to grow.

After all – that is why we are here!