Project Description


EVENT: SX 180 Launch

VENUE: Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast, 350 pax

Each year, Genie holds a customer appreciation event as they are a major sponsor of an industry conference. A product launch is often incorporated into these events

Over the years, Genie has built a reputation for hosting the very best, most exciting events of the conference.

Verve Creative Events Creative Events has been working with Genie to create and deliver these Customer Appreciation nights. Our challenge is to always build on that reputation.

Genie’s customers are treated as heroes. So, to recognise these heroes, the event was held in right in the middle of the Metricon Stadium – home of the Gold Coast Suns.

The launch of the SX180, Genie’s tallest lifter – rising to a mighty height of 180 feet, was an integral component of the event.

Watch the video to see how Verve Creative Events Creative Events delivered the event.